May 28

“It all started with a mutual church friend- the famous CharlieAnn. CharlieAnn and Alex went to college together and did previously go to church together several years ago. Fast forward to about 3 years ago, CharlieAnn and I met at a church ministry at Top Rail Cowboy Church. We became very close because her son and mine (Keegan) became best friends through Sunday school and playday events. I frequently vented to Charlie about my infamous dating life, she on more than one occasion scrolled through her phone looking for the perfect match for me. One day she happened upon Alex’s name and after many typed and deleted drafts she finally texted him about setting us up on a blind date. God was clearly using her to pull us together in HIS perfect timing. Waiting for both of us to get through a few hurdles before HE brought us together. She very awkwardly set us up in a group message and we set up a time to have a first date” – {Francesca}. “It was supposed to be a dinner date but she changed it last minute to a lunch date. I thought she was trying to get out of going on the date, so I made myself flexible and agreed to the lunch date” – {Alex}. “We both didn’t put forth much effort because we both had been let down on more occasions than we’d like to admit” {Francesca}. “Her in an oversized sweatshirt and me in my work clothes”- {Alex}. “We had our first date as a lunch date at TaMollys in Greenville tx, and what we had expected would be a casual 45 min lunch turned into a two hour lunch date. We talked daily after this date for about a week and a half, at which time Alex realized how busy I was. I kept myself that way (and still do, I just drag him along with me now haha) being a single mom, working, and involving myself in several churches in the area. I was IMPATIENTLY waiting for him to ask me on a second date, you see I’m a planner and he’s more of the ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kind of guy”-{Francesca}. “I was IMPATIENTLY waiting for a time to go on date number two. I would ask what she was doing and she would list all this stuff off. I was like well hell she aint got time for me”-{Alex}. “After almost two weeks my filters diminished and I scolded him for not asking me out on another date, needless to say we met that night for Ice Cream and talked till 2 am in the Braums parking lot. This is when I realized our dreams aligned perfectly, and this is where Prickly h Ranch was first conceived”-{Francesca}.  “We saw each other every day after this until I went to Phoenix the next weekend. I had made plans to go out there with my brother two months beforehand. I was gone for a week and she was not happy the whole week. I figured the closer to the end of the week it would get better because she knew it was less and less time to see me, BUT NO IT GOT WORSE. However, we did a lot of talking on the phone and had many meaningful conversations. We haven’t been apart since I got home from Arizona. Her mom laughs at us all the time because she says we can’t stand being away from each other. I did know from early on, and even have it in my calendar, that she was the one. I have heard many times when you know you know. However, I didn’t fully understand the saying until I knew at such an early time in the relationship. Pretty sure some in the family thought we were pregnant and that’s why we are getting married, but that is not the case. I truly believe that when you pray for something for long enough and your prayers are answered you know it.” -{Alex}

Photographer- @Brittany Bay from Bay Productions
Boys shirts and Hats are from CIrcle E Western Wear Sulphur Springs TX
Wild rag is from Maverick Western Wear Fort Worth TX
Our handle on instagram and facebook is Pricklyhranch

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