Jun 2


“Daniel and I’s story is not the most romanic or memorable. It doesn’t  
start out with a fun story or a even a funny one. But our story is  
nothing short of perfect.
Daniel and I grew up in the same town, went to the same schools, grew  
up doing the same hobbies, and know a lot of the same people. I grew  
up exactly 8 min and 33 seconds away from where Daniel grew up. We  
shared the same view of the Laplata Mountains and drove the same  
roads. But we never crossed paths. Blame it on the age gap or the fact  
that Daniel grew up traveling to rodeos, but I will always wish I  
could of met him sooner.
I may of never met Daniel but I always knew who he was. Some say I  
admired from a far (which is true), but I really did think Daniel John  
Scalva was the most handsome man in all of Durango. I remember being  
that middle school girl and going to Fiesta Days and watching him  
rope. My mom would beg me to say something to him, but no amount of  
money could of given me the courage to do that. Up to the day I  
finally went on a date with him, that feeling of wanting to puke never  
went away.
I’ve always considered myself a girl of mediocre confidence when  
talking to men, but when it came to Daniel that 100% went out the  
window. On the November 23rd 2019 we FINALLY went on our first date.  
We had never spoke in person and only had contact through mutual  
friends. I knew little to nothing about him other than what I had  
heard from people and seen on his snapchat stories (the only social  
media he has.) To say I was nervous, was an understatement.
After many pep talks from my friends and family, 4 outfit changes, and  
10 laps around the house, I finally felt prepared to go on this date.  
Daniel pulls up looking like something out a western romance, in his  
black truck and cowboy hat. I was expecting one of two things, for me  
to clam up or do the nervous endless chatter that I seem to do so  
well. But to my surprise nether of those things happened. That night  
turned into the best date of my life.
Daniel and I have been through our fair share of relationships. Some  
that broke us, some that helped us grow, and some we are thankful for.  
Im thankful for our journeys because it led us to eachother. God knew  
we needed eachother when He brought us together even if we didn’t.
At the time I was living with my parents and Daniel was living in a  
motor home. We ended up renting a little ranch house on a cattle  
ranch. It was the best year of our lives. We grew together, laughed  
together, and celebrated life. From ropings on the weekends, to  
evening trail rides on the ranch, to dancing in the kitchen, there was  
never a dull moment. We always looked forward to the next stage but  
never took for granted the stage of our relationship we were in.
July, 3rd 2020. I woke up that morning with zero motivation to do  
anything. Daniel on the other hand sprung out of bed like it was  
Christmas day. We were going on a trail ride. My mom decided that  
morning to tag along. We went up behind purgatory resort. The day was  
like any normal trail ride, I was very relaxed and in my happy place.  
We rode up on this beautiful valley with a creek running down the  
bottom. Even with the whistle pig and Daniel and my moms chatter all I  
heard was silence. But I had no idea what was about to happen.
As I rode down the hill, we came upon a sign. This sign looked like an  
old forest service sign so I didn’t think twice about it, until I got  
close enough to read it. In big white letters read Keely, Will You  
Marry Me? Im not sure if it was a stroke or pure shock but I had to  
read it like 4 times. Next thing I see is my sweet boyfriend getting  
off his horse and reaching into his saddle bag. I thought this isn’t  
happening is it? Still in complete shock and potentially blacking out,  
Daniel walked towards me and popped the question. I still to this day  
couldn’t tell you if I said yes… Family was coming out of the  
bushes, champagne was poured, toasts were given. It was the perfect day.
Since then you may ask? Well here we are in 2021. The wedding is  
approaching and yet it feels so far away. With wedding planning in  
full swing and life busier then ever, Daniel and I had managed to rock  
at this life thing. I’m a NICU nurse at Mercy Regional Medical Center  
and Daniel is working at getting his journeymen electricians license.  
Last year we managed to make 20 acres, two shops, a barn, and a 3B2B  
house our own. We have lots of four legged children including 5 horses  
(Fireball, Ticket, Jagger, SkidBoot, and Julio), 3 dogs (Goose, Harley  
and Finnegan), and 2 cats (Cash and June). Life is a beautiful chaotic  
mess but we couldn’t be happier.
Daniel started out a dream for me and he continues exceed those  
expectations every single day. I love his love for God and for me. We  
have so much love between us and I couldn’t imagine a better life.” – Bride, Keely.

Ranch: FlyingT Ranch
Makeup: Summit Beauty @summitbeauty_llc
Photographer – @forthewestandwildphoto

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