Jun 10

Kasee and Zane met freshman year of college at Lee University in south east Tennessee. Kasee was studying elementary education and Zane was Pre-med. Late one Saturday night, Zane was returning from a calf roping, with an intense hunger derived from a long night with little success in the arena. The parking spots near the campus Chick-Fil-A were very tight, forcing him to park his 3500 Dodge down the street directly across from a freshman girls dormitory. Thats where he saw her, a dark haired girl sitting in the lobby, he was immediately entranced. Not knowing her name or any information about her, Zane moved along with the hopes they would cross paths again. The following weekend Zane and some buddies had plans to go to the lake and wakeboard. Just as they were about to pull out, a friend yelled “hey man there are these girls I know, they are meeting us at lake”. So by chance Kasee just happened to be one of those girls. After a day of hanging out and a month of continuous asking, Kasee finally agreed to go out on another date. And the rest is history.

Four years later, on the family farm in Valley Head, Alabama a Polaris side by side sat beside the old barn as Kasee and Zane pulled onto the property. What was framed as a drive across the farm to see a newly constructed hay barn turned into a much bigger surprise. As the family watched from across the field, Zane dropped down on one knee and asked Kasee to spend the rest of their lives together, She said yes! 

Photographer- ashleycmorrellphoto

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