Jun 10

We met back in 2015 on our very first day attending Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX.I was a freshman and Michael was a Junior who just transferred from Ranger College. We started off as just friends, getting to know each other through college rodeos and both majoring in Animal Science. Fast forward one year later, as we were beginning our second year at Tarleton. Something sparked more conversation between us, and from there the rest is history. Our very first “date” involved going to Teskeys in Weatherford, eating barbecue, and the whole time in my head I was thinking “he is too good to be true.” We clicked on just about every level and still do to this day. We spent the year hauling together to the college rodeos, Michael cheating off me for class assignments, and just getting to know each other. Both of our families are out of state, so that Christmas I made the visit to his family in Virginia. It was probably shortly after this time that I knew we were going to get married someday.  The year of 2017 brought a lot of highs and lows. Michael was working, helping build a barn, when a bag of lime busted and went into his eyes. I got the call that he was at the hospital with severe burns. I don’t think I have ever been that scared. The lime had burned the first layer of his eyes and the doctor was unsure of the extent of the damage. Michael had to spend the entire next week with his eyes closed, the movement of opening them could damage them more. I tried my hardest to stay positive through it but we were both unsure of what the outcome would be. After some procedures, Michael was back to roping about a month after. You can still see the scars on his eyes. The end of 2017 was when Michael graduated. The week before graduation we spent in Vegas, where he won over $100,000 at the World Series Finals. We flew home at midnight so we could make it back in time for him to walk across the stage at graduation!Since 2018 we’ve had our family and friends asking when we would get married. We both knew we wanted to wait till I was done with school. We were never really in any rush, we knew our lives wouldn’t change much by getting married. Our lives were already pretty much meshed together! Once I finished my Masters degree in 2020, I was expecting the proposal though. When I got my diploma and he didn’t propose, I was honestly a little shocked. But he knew I was expecting it so that’s exactly why he didn’t! He waited for a random Tuesday to catch me completely off guard. My best friend and her boyfriend (now fiance) helped set it up. We went to Michael and I’s favorite restaurant in Fort Worth to celebrate.We got married March 20, 2021 and it was perfect. We spent the entire week before surrounded by our family and friends. Now we enjoy backing into boxes at the team ropings as “Tash & Tash” 

My vendors at my wedding were:
Venue/bar/catering – Wildcatter Ranch
DJ – DJ TuTu (Kelly Tuley)
Photographer – Lori Falcon
Videographer – Bow Tie Media
Dress – GraceLovesLace
Florals – Fern and Sunpalm
Planner – Watson Weddings
Hair and Makeup – Plah and Co
Cake – Jordyn Lopez with Sweet Creations
Lights and decor – Century Tents
Lounge Area – Borrowed Treasures

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