Jun 22

“There’s something to be said about a cowboy and cowgirl first riding into each other’s lives at the Elko County Fair at the ages of 12 and 14. There’s even more to say when 10 years later there is no question that they were made for the other. Abby always knew she loved Russ, even before they had ever talked, she just knew. Was it the dark hair or the youthful sense of humor? Could it be the mutual love for Twisted Teas or the cute Cinch butt? All or none of the above, a simple Facebook message from Russ congratulating Abby on being homecoming queen was enough to seal the deal her senior year of High School.
Russ laughs (and cries) when asked how they met, because he simply cannot remember. It’s like his past, present, and future are with Abby and he knows this will always be enough. Russ can agree with Abby, that their love comes naturally, and that when they started dating he just knew he liked her. 
While the blooming lovers had set a silly date to meet at the Star for dinner in June after Abby graduated from High School, it was not until the following summer of 2017 at the Elko Stampede they happened to cross paths again. Abby’s confidence led her to ask if he’d kiss her or not, and right there it all made sense; every chance encounter, every random message of their youth has led to this.”

Instagram: @abbyjoyxo (She is wearing @savannah7s romper and@ariatinternational boots)

 @russjackson_ (he is wearing @kimesranchjeans)


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