Jun 28

Let’s time travel to 1999. Just a couple 5th graders chasing each other around our small town private school, Norte dame. 
Johnny was the boy from the local peach orchard who caught my attention with full on belly laughs and innocent flirting. Little did we know that we would be enter twined in each other’s lives. Our mothers worked at the same school, Alicia, and of course always encouraged us being together. 
Young friends with a couple hearts on our sleeves, hanging out but never thinking anything serious. It wasn’t until 2016 when Johnny finally showed up at my work unannounced and basically “kid” napped me to some random party up the hill. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I do know that in the last 5 years of spontaneous adventures and questionable decisions, it has truly been some of the best times of our lives.
We have two handsome boys, our oldest is our old soul who is more reserved and our youngest being a wild feral child, both equally soaking up life with mom and dad on our little 5 acre slice of heaven! 
We truly compliment and step in when the other needs a little more push, constantly reminding one another how far we have come and still chasing each other around like a couple of kids flirting on the playground. 
Exactly why all my tomorrows are Sodaro 🤍
I truly married my BEST friend.

Venue: @hitchinpost95901
Dj: @ruethaiallard 
Photographer: @elleventurephoto 
Videographer: @larcomproductions 
Mobile bar: @the_drunken_burro 
Cake: @kaci.creations 
Catering: La Unicas 
Officiant/man of many hats: @j2maslan 
Getup: @lulusweddings @stetsonusa @wrangler 
Custom leather: @flyingfleather 
Floral: @bridalwish 
Hair&make up: @ms.valleygirls 
Tanning: @estanning

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