Jun 29

We both came into each other’s lives when we least expected it…
Growing up in the same small town, we were bound to cross paths eventually. We both grew up in big family’s who happened to know each other. Around the age of 12 I (Kindle) saw Jeremiah he was 13, there was something different about him and I wanted to get to know him. It took me (Jeremiah) much longer to notice Kindle – and it wasn’t until I was around 16 that I did. It took a lot of patience in me (Kindle) to not give up hope that eventually Jeremiah would show some interest. Jumping forward to the next year, we finally managed to connect. We were talking almost every day along with hanging out occasionally with friends. Jeremiah then went to the Alert Academy in Texas for a couple months, we couldn’t communicate at all. It was one of the hardest things we had to face. After those couple excruciating months he came back. We picked up where we left off. A week after I (Jeremiah) got back I asked Kindle to “officially” be my girlfriend. Everyone told us it wouldn’t last, that we were to young and the first love never is the last love. We both wanted someone who was serious about dating, someone who had the intention of marrying that person. We both found that in each other. Despite what everyone told us we stayed together. Of course we had rough patches. Every couple does, but we grew through them. We trusted God with it. After 6 months of talking, hanging out and 11 months of dating Jeremiah asked me to marry him. You may ask if I knew when it was going to happen. To answer your question yes I did know, he is a terrible liar haha. People still continue to tell us that we are to young being 17 and 19. But I believe God puts the one for you in your life right when you least expect it and when you most need them.


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