Jul 15

Our story begin when I was working at a construction company and after a super gross date (I was born and raised in Annapolis MD) asked a coworker if he had any nice farm guys. I figured I like animals so why not switch it up but little did I know that would be my last first date! Michael invited me to a Gala as our first date (with his parents) but I think it went well because the very next night I attended his cousin’s wedding with him lol. I had just purchased my dream home in Annapolis and after 4 weeks picked up and moved into a 300 sf 1920’s smokehouse where Michael, Willard and I lived for 3 years (blue cabin below). We were fortunate to build our dream hole last year (log home pictured) and spend our days working on the farm. Michael is an equine dentist and horse trainer; I own my own makeup artistry company (Relax and Rosé Makeup Artistry) and together we own MD Construction Services where we build log cabins on the east coast! We also have 50 head of cattle that we raise (they’re my favorite). 

Although I grew up in Annapolis, Tom boy always ran deep in my blood as well as a passion for animals so I adapted quickly to farm life. I wish I could do an Instagram vs. reality of these photos because nothing around cows is ever that glamorous haha.

The photographer is @Rachelyearickphoto
Makeup done by @relaxandrose

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