Aug 27

“It all started when Layne’s cousin had told Layne and Carter about each other. After a couple months, Layne was down from Kansas visiting family and made a stop at the all famous Leona General Store (if you know, you know) to pick up steaks to take home and Carter happened to be there eating. After a couple awkward glances and not knowing if they should say hello to each other, since they had added each other on Facebook months back, the evening proved to be the start of something real. Carter was in the process of trying to write a message to Layne via Facebook and trying to not sound like a stalker, when she actually got a message to him first. Small talk was made and then Carter took the chance and asked her if she would like to get a sno-cone. Since he had a rodeo Saturday night and she planned on leaving to go back to Kansas on Sunday, Carter drove all night to get home at 6 am so he could make sure he didn’t miss out. Layne ended up staying in Texas for 5 more days because Carter would ask each morning if she either wanted to go fishing or ride horses later that day. 

Fast forward a few months and a bunch of trips back and forth between Texas and Kansas… A lifetime of love was the inevitable. There’s a special place on some family land that they like to take the horses and go for rides. In December, Carter managed to trick Layne for another ride saying he needed her help moving a cow. He had gone out the day before and marked the exact location with a note where Layne first told him she loved him. While “looking for this cow,” they rode up to the spot, Layne got off her horse and read the message “Will you marry me?” and turned to see him on his knee. Now here they are, with 2 rodeos and a bridal shower in between this weekend and are ready for life’s adventures together!”- Layne.

Photographer: Samantha Kaye Photography
Dress: Boutique in California 
Black top: Dillards 
White top: Heart & Home
Her Jeans: Wrangler
His shirts: Wrangler 
His jeans: Buckle

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