Sep 7

“Our love story started with some mutual friends, a facebook post & a bet on a football game. The first time we met in person was because Brandon lost a bet and had to take me for ice cream! We met at the local mall, walked laps and ate ice cream. After a few hours of conversation about any and everything, he walked me to my truck, said he had a great time……and shook my hand like we just finished a business meeting. Y’all, I’ve never been so confused in my life. I thought we hit it off great! I thought he might go for a kiss on the cheek or at least a hug…..but a HANDSHAKE?!  To this day we still argue about the intentions of the handshake but he swears up and down that it was the gentleman thing to do. We dated for just over three years and in those three years, A LOT of life happened. We finished college, I spent a year as Rodeo Queen, we went on to get real world jobs, and after all of that he popped the question in the summer of 2015.   

Our engagement was very “Danielle & Brandon”. We went out to a neighbor’s ranch on a Sunday afternoon with our horses to ride through the fields and check cows; something very standard in our day to day lives. Although, this time wasn’t going to be our typical ride. What I didn’t know was that as we were saddling, Brandon forgot to plan on a good place to hide the ring box….The way he tells the story involves sheer panic on his part, so much in fact that he settled for shoving the ring box down the front of his pants. I definitely heard some commotion on the other side of the trailer but didn’t think anything of it. We got out into an open field and I said “lets lope a little” and he refused….I thought it was strange because this man doesn’t turn down an opportunity for a horse race. He told me he just wanted to walk so he could “take in the scenery” (it all made sense afterword’s as loping a horse with a ring box in your pants makes for a bad time, for everyone!). This still makes me laugh today because when he went to propose he had to hide behind his horse while he fetched out the ring box before he could proceed with our romantic engagement moment. He proposed while I was sitting on my horse Hollywood, overlooking a beautiful valley, it was sunny & 75 degrees. He won’t let me tell this story without making sure anyone within ear shot knows how “smooth” he was in proposing (minus the ring in the pants thing) so this is him writing now… “Before I got down on one knee I looked into those big beautiful green eyes and said you’ve accomplished so much on the back of this horse, and made so many memories with him, from competing at the World show in Oklahoma as a reiner to making it as a Rodeo Queen, it’s only right to add this to the list, *bends on one knee* Danielle Shalane, Will You Marry Me?”. I will give him credit, it happened pretty close to how he wrote it but regardless, it was movie or romance novel worthy in my books for sure! 

We have been married for almost six years now, and have covered many miles together since that day. As with most love stories, it’s come with its fair share of ups and downs and everything in between but we continue to write our love story as two best friends, taking on the world together, one day at a time.”

Photographer- Liza @wildanduntamedphoto
Florals- @tj.florals
Dress- The Dark Star @rentthedressct
Dress Designer- @flutterdress
Womens boots- @danpostbootco
Cowboy hat- @resistol1927
Men’s shirt and jeans- @ariatinternational
Models- @dani.reinhart @Brandon_reinhart_

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