Sep 13

Danny and I were introduced by mutual friends 4 years ago at our local FFA banquet. Danny was quiet, but I must say he was observant. He noticed me drooling over homemade brownies that were in the live auction. Danny bought me those brownies, and the rest was history. He was the ONE! Or at least that was when my mind was made up. Danny apparently needed more proof of my worthiness before he was convinced. Shortly after the FFA banquet, he reached out to me and invited me to join him moving cows for the day. He claimed all I needed to do was show up, he would have me a horse and we could grab lunch on the way. I thought that it sounded fairly romantic. Long story short, our first date consisted of a “buffet” lunch at the local gas station, me riding a 4 year old mare that I later found out bucks about every other time you step on her, and me alone pushing cows up a desert two track for hours while Danny rode the hills above and kicked cattle down to me. At the end of the day he gave me a peck on the cheek and exclaimed, “that was great, I’m really glad you were along”. Four years and a lot of miles later, he proved that he wanted to keep me “along” and finally put a ring on it. 

While Danny and I have both fallen in love with the western world, neither of us are originally from this part of the country. I moved to Wyoming in 2010 for college and never left. Danny moved to Wyoming after finishing his up college at Virginia Tech. Both of us have a strong passion for agriculture and ranching lifestyle.  From our first introduction 4 years ago, we have worked hard as a team to pursue our dream of building our own cow/calf operation. August 2020, we took a leap of faith and moved to Montana to chase that dream. On my favorite holiday (Christmas 2020), Danny proposed. I cried, being so overwhelmed with joy, excitement, and honor. The proposal took place on the ranch surrounded by mountains, cows, and God! Talk about being blessed! We are now living out our dream together in Montana. 

We are planning our wedding for September 11th, 2021. We have gotten some weird looks when we tell folks our date. We understand September 11th is a date that will never be forgotten, but why not bring some light and goodness to brighten the day. September 11th is also the anniversary of my parents who have been married for 28 years. We are honored to share their anniversary. We will have an intimate ceremony held at the ranch in Montana, surrounded by the same mountains, cows, and God as witnessed the proposal. Following the ceremony, we will head to the Big Horn Equestrian Center in Sheridan, WY to gather with friends and family for the reception. 

I am blessed to have found the one whom my soul loves. – Songs of Solomon 3:4

Photographer- @mckenzyephotography

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