Sep 27

Carson and Shelby met their freshman year in college at Texas A&M University. Carson was Shelby’s date to her first Sigma Alpha formal; after a couple years of not seeing each other, they decided to go look at the famous Christmas lights of College Station and eat at Yole’s in Millican in 2017. On January 30, 2018, Carson asked Shelby to proofread an essay for him that turned out to be a sweet letter asking her to be his girlfriend! After 3.5 years of good times and several sweet letters from Carson, he finally asked Shelby to marry him on June 19, 2021! 

Shelby new the time was coming as the couple started designing a ring together in March 2021, but she just didn’t know exactly when. On that day in June, Carson asked Shelby to go to his dad’s surprise birthday party, which Shelby was honestly a little suspicious of. When she and her mom arrived at the house, there were decorations and presents for his dad all over the house, which completely convinced Shelby that it was in fact a surprise party for his dad! Carson and his dad were supposed to be working cows until it was time for the arty to begin, but a few minutes after Shelby arrived they called for more ear tags and Shelby decided to go with Caroline (carson’s sister). Once they arrived to the cattle pens, Carson wanted Shelbyto see one of the cows he gave her for Christmas one year. When she walked up to the chute she saw that the cow had an ear tag that said, “Marry Me?”. Carson then got down on one knee and asked for them to spend the rest of their lives together!

Once Shelby answered the question she’d been waiting years for, they branded the cow together with a brand that Carsonhad made for the two of them. They changed out the ear tag to say, “The Wakefields 10.30.21” and headed out to their favorite steakhouse called, Leona General Store. 

Photographer: @wildanduntamedphoto

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