Sep 28

Logan is from Fort Worth and I met him 4 years ago when he was in Oklahoma for the weekend helping work cows on a ranch. We were both in a relationships so dating each other never crossed our minds. We talked to each other every couple months just to catch up on what’s been going on and how each other were doing. He reached out to me April 2020 wondering about a girl I was friends with on social media and wondering if he could get the hook up lol I told him that I didn’t know her very well that his dream girl was out there somewhere and not to give up 😉 My ex and I ended up splitting up after 5 years and I messaged Logan to let him know cause we hadn’t talked in about a month and I found out he had just been suspended from the Arlington Fire Department over getting a hand tattoo. We talked pretty regularly for about a week and he asked if my dad needed any help hauling boats, dad “weirdly” had a boat in Fort Worth that needed picked up the next day so Logan took the bait and hauled the boat to Oklahoma for him. We fell head over heels for each other and 18 days later he decided the search was over and going back to Texas wasn’t an option. I found the one that is a dream come true and someone I never wanna be without. Logan is truly a blessing to me and I guess he found his dream girl 😉 Sometimes the bad things that happen in our life aren’t so bad, God interrupts our plans when he has something better in mind. So needless to say…I’m so thankful for that tattoo because without it, we wouldn’t be here 🙂


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