Oct 1

Kynsi caught Sheldons eye at the 2020 Dirty River Boys concert in the new Dickies Arena tent party. When he finally found the nerve to approach her he asked if she would liked to dance and was thoroughly surprised by how well they danced together. They had both just gotten out of long term relationships so were hesitant at first to jump back into a relationship, but as time progressed their love for one another became more and more evident. A few months into them dating they were out riding in the pasture at his family’s place in south Texas. Kynsi knew then that this is the man she wanted to marry, and it must have been on his mind as well because this is when he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. 
Sheldon is a General Manager for an oilfield company in Midland and Kynsi owns Twisted Double M Western Wear in Waxahachie Tx. Throughout their journey together they’ve truly made the most out of a long distance relationship. To know Sheldon and Kynsi is to know love and laughter. They truly are bestfriends. In July 2021 Sheldon proposed at The Drover Hotel in Fort Worth Tx. It was a dream, Sheldon had convinced Kynsi they were going for a friends birthday party, as some of their closest friends started showing up in the back He was already fumbling with the ring hidden in his boot. He had gotten up to “take a work call” and walked to the fountain. Kynsi got up and went to him to let him know everyone was getting ready to leave and he shouldn’t be taking work calls on vacation. That’s when he turned to her and said “I need to confess something” Kynsi looking puzzled turned back to Sheldon who was going down onto his knee “we aren’t here for a birthday party. Will you marry me” After shaking her head yes, the tears came and their friends hoots and hollers filled the air. Sheldon and Kynsi are set to tie the knot April 16 at The River Ranch Stockyards Venue.

Photographer – @eastonjayphotographotography

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