Oct 5

We grew up together in the small town of Bronte, TX. Samuel was several years older than me, so there was never much of a friendship there – but I did have one of those elementary girl crushes on him. He went off to college in Sherman, TX, but ended up coming back to ASU his sophomore year. He was working in the summers with my brother, which helped me get a foot in the door. Once I graduated high school, we were both at ASU and I finally convinced him to fall in love with me. After several years of dating, we called it quits for the time being (or as his mom says, a God pause). I moved to Lubbock to start Occupational Therapy school and Sam remained in San Angelo. I think it’s safe to say that over those years apart, there was always that lingering what if in the back of both of our minds.
That what if came to an end a short 5 years later when we reconnected over a random phone call in March of 2020. Samuel proposed on 04/03/2021 on the Bronte ranch where we would spend most of our time together – the first go round. 😉

There’s so much throughout our story that I don’t have the space to write about. This story is still in progress and has nothing to do with us. It’s a story of God’s provision and His redemption in our lives, both individually and as a couple. We are beyond excited to continue to experience God, His faithfulness and His guidance as we enter into the covenant of marriage, together.

Due to the ever-changing global circumstances, we have decided to wed in a private ceremony with our immediate family members in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in August 2021. We have been beyond blessed to have so many wonderful people walk alongside us throughout the years and ask that you continue to pray for us as we jump into this next chapter in our lives. We look forward to celebrating our marriage with each of you over the years to com

Photographer: @taylorpettigrew_
Shirt: @savannah7s
Pants: @wrangler

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