Oct 14

As dust settled in the arena, the crowd roared. Wyatt had just finished the bronc ride he would remember for the rest of his life. Instead of walking back to the chutes, he made his way over to the crowd & slipped through the bars. Kelsey was waiting for him. In front of the all the cowboys and gals gathered at the grounds that night, he knelt down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life. And, of course, she said yes! 

Fast forward over months of planning to the perfect wedding that is about to take place! I met Kelsey and her band of gals in her sister’s darling, ranch house! The energy when I entered the room was filled with love and happiness. The girls were just about to get dressed in their jean shirts and sparkling, floor length skirts and see Kelsey in her lace covered, wedding dress for the first time. Y’all! I have never seen a group of ladies so excited to see the beautiful bride dressed in white! I teared up as they turned around and ran to her enveloping her with hugs and kindness. But, I hadn’t seen anything yet as Kelsey’s first look with Wyatt was next. 

We traveled to Kelsey’s brother’s ranch to meet the groom. Wyatt was dressed in a fawn colored jacket, dark blue wrangler jeans, and his straw hat with his back to the road as we arrived. Kelsey could barely contain her excitement upon seeing him. She walked over, giggling with happiness and touched his shoulder. Wyatt’s smile stretched a mile wide when he turned around and saw his bride. They spent a few emotional minutes catching up on the details of the day before I whisked them away with Kelsey’s found, prized couch to take their couple photos.

You know when people are meant to be together how the rest of the world can feel it? That is what it is like being in the presence of Kelsey and Wyatt. Their playful laughs, quiet moments, and love radiates out and cover their surroundings. Towards the end of the couple’s photos, Wyatt asked me for a single picture, and how could I deny him the one photo all cowboys dream of? A darkened, western, black and white image of he and his bride. They could only hold their serious stares for so long before bursting into wild laughter. 

In the small border town of Westville, Oklahoma in a church older than the state itself, Kelsey and Wyatt exchanged their intimate “I Do’s” with their gathered close friends and family. The church was delicate with it’s old bones showing as open rafters. There was not a dry eye among the gathered as the bridal party walked down the aisle. The sentimental moments kept eyes moist until the final moment that was sealed with a kiss! Everyone cheered and I imagine that it felt like being back in the arena the night Wyatt proposed. The Lohman’s made their way to the church’s doors and rang the ancient bell three times to proclaim their union to the whole world.

A horse draw carriage carried them away to their reception while the rest of the guests made their way out of the church. The reception was lively and bright, even as thunder clouds came rolling in. People danced. Speeches were given. Cakes was smashed in faces! All the while, the rain held and turned the night air cool. With the traditional bouquet toss complete, the garter removal began. With the garter in hand and Kelsey’s hands covering Wyatt’s eyes, the bride shot me a wink and I knew what was coming next… the chapping. 

Wyatt shot the garter to the group of eligible cowboys. We had two seconds before the men ran at him and pulled him to the ground. Everyone hooped and hollered as Kelsey was given the chaps and smacked him once, twice, three times (for good measure)! The cowboys in the dog pile stood up and scooped up Wyatt, who had the best attitude, and clapped each of his boys on the back. The dance floor exploded and glowed, much like the sparklers that would send the Lohman’s home as a married couple.

Photographer: @aspynntaborphotog
Venue: Old Baptist Mission Church
Officiant: John Hauser
Hair: Maggie Henson
Makeup: @andreaamey
Dress: @shopeverettblake
Rings: @kelleyjewelers
Florals: @magicballoon_flowers
Catering: Butch Wilson
Cake: Kate’s Kitchen
DJ: @alloutDJ
Bouquet Wrap: @rockin’diamondleather
Shoes: @rockin’diamondleather

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