Nov 15


Seth and I both grew up in rural southeast Idaho. We both come from a ranch and rodeo background so we knew of each other for quite some time, but we formally met in college. Seth is the third of four kids, putting him right in the middle. If you ask anyone in his family, he is the glue that holds everyone together. He has a heart as big as his stature, although he might appear intimidating, he is the kindest man I know. Seth truly is a modern day good Samaritan. I envy his generous heart and I can’t believe how lucky I am to be his wife.

 I (Daysia) was born in Utah and eventually raised in Idaho. I lost my dad when I was eight years old, but was incredibly blessed to be welcomed with open arms into my aunt and uncles family. They raised me just as their own, and I am very fortunate to call them my parents. 

When I met Seth, I had just started college and wasn’t very involved. He quickly took me under his wing and showed me the ropes. It didn’t take very long, until we were the best of friends. Seth introduced me to all of his friends, took me to all the ropings, and we tried every Mexican restaurant in the town. At the time, we were strictly just buds, but I think unintentionally we started to like each other a little. Time went on, and Seth eventually got a job opportunity to train horses out of state. It wasn’t until then I finally realized that I was in love with this guy, and lucky for me he was too. 

Since then, we have spent the past three years doing a lot of team roping, ranching, loving on our three cowpups, praying, laughing, driving, praying some more, and enjoying every bit of how blessed we are to live this life. 

On September 18th, 2021, we got married. Our wedding day was pure bliss and I wish I could relive it a thousand times. We actually got married at arena Seth had spent a lot of time roping in when he was young, so that made it extra special. I remember panicking the morning of because it was pouring down rain, but just minutes before the ceremony the clouds subsided and we had a beautiful blanket of sunshine. I know my dad was watching us from above. I always thought I would cry, but I remember smiling so hard my cheeks hurt (and I couldn’t stop). We were surrounded by a literal CROWD of family and friends; I had never felt so loved and supported. We spent the night drinking beer, eating cake, and dancing the night away. It was absolutely perfect. 

The Lord has blessed me in so many ways, but my biggest blessing will always be Seth. He is truly my better half. I consider myself the luckiest gal in the world to be this cowboy’s wife.

Bridal Bouquet: @floragefarms 
Necklace and Earring Set: @callicosilver
Engagement Ring: @silverdust1
Bride’s Wedding band: @turquoisetuesday
Dress: @margenesbridal  
Photographer: @michaelaraeandrus
Bride’s Boots: @oldgringoboots
Groom’s Hat: @rodeokinghats, @codyscowboyhats (Shaped by the groom)
Bridesmaid Dresses: @azazieofficial 

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