Dec 31

We can both agree that the definition of our love story was simply the greatest prayer answered at the most unexpected time. 
I was living in Rapid City, SD working as an RN, figuring out where this crazy life was taking me, and Bryer was living in Sand Coulee helping his dad on the ranch, staying busy team roping, and wondering the same thing about his future. 
Me and some girlfriends had planned a weekend in Great Falls for the Circuit Finals rodeo. My grandma had just passed away two weeks prior and I WAS NOT going to go anymore. I wanted to cancel the trip and stay home with my family and be there for my mom, but she insisted that I was going! She even said to me, just like she did before any girl trip that I’d go on, “you never know, you might meet the love of your life!” 

 And low and behold, she was right… there he was. The man that I had been praying for all this time. To this day I still believe that my grandma was the one to make the stars align that night. 

 Although I can’t deny the fact that maybe the Busch Lights, that cowboy charm, or those brown eyes, also had something to do with roping me in 

 haha. As we got to know each other more that night, come to find out (my memory was a tad foggy from this long ago lol) I had bought him a beer at a bar in my home town 7 years prior to this when he was there for the ProRodeo. It did all start to come back to me lol! He tells the story now, clear as day, as if that was when this love story truly started. 

From that night we continued to talk everyday and see each other as much as we could, making the 8 hour commute. Finally it was time for me to come home, back to my roots in MT. So that is where we are now! We found where this life was taking us, and that was to each other. 

Bryer proposed on May 9th and I still get butterflies thinking of that day.. being up on airport hill with my oldest niece and sister going “hunting for cool rocks.” 

 There was a moment of calmness and silence when we were up on the hill, overlooking the Yellowstone river with the most beautiful sky, and my sister said, “this would be a really cool picture.” I turned around to Bryer to take the picture, as he grabbed my hands and said “do you know how much I love you?” My heart instantly dropped to my stomach and I knew what was coming. The only thing that came out of my mouth was “a lot?” Haha. He said “no, more than anything in the entire world.” And if anything has ever been more true, it’s that. 
This love story will continue on with many more rodeos, Busch Lights (& pitchers of Nana’s margs), roads traveled, dances to Brooks & Dunn in the kitchen, and trips around the sun.

Her dress: Lime Lush 
Her ring: Goldsmith 
Her boots: Ariat 
Her heels: Roper
Her hair: Alisha Bower @ Accents salon and day spa 
His jeans: Cinch 
His boots: Ariat 
His shirts: Roper/Cinch
His hat: American Cowboy 
Location: Badlands of South Dakota

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