Jan 4

The Love Story: 

“It’s all pretty simple. I’ve prayed for a relationship, like the one we have, all my life. For us, loving each other is the easiest thing we do in a day– we are each other’s best friend, we dance whenever there’s a good song on, and we use “I love you” like it’s going out of style. Being together is simple, real and very, very right. And for that, I couldn’t be more grateful to God. 
We met online when both of us weren’t really looking for that long term, forever kind of relationship. We both had gotten out of relationships that we had been in for 3+ years, and didn’t really know who we were as individuals, much less the kind of person we wanted to spend forever with. But it is true what they say, when you know, you know. Because loving each other has come so naturally, there was never much for growing pains once we started dating. We moved in together after only a couple months, bought a house after about 8 months, and got engaged after a year and half. 
Zach is very recently graduated and working full time with a construction company on water treatment. I am in my 4th year of teaching high school agriculture and 1st year of running a relatively full time western wedding and planner business. Our lives are hectic, mass chaos even, but our love is not. It’s comforting and constant. We always make time for each other, even if that looks like ordering in Chinese food and wrapping planners into all hours of the night. 
On December 5th, 2021, Zach took me on a weekend vacation to Estes Park Colorado, where he had planned not only a wonderful birthday weekend, but a very special proposal. I could never have hoped for more, for many reasons. You see, On November 5th, 2021, Zach was flown to Denver where he went into emergency surgery for a tumor in his brain the size of a tennis ball–a tennis ball! He almost died. And it was truly the most horrific thing I’ve ever had to live through. By the grace of God, Zach survived the surgery and we have been set on a path to improve his health ever sense. So why do I bring this up? It was that moment, regardless of whatever else was happening in our life, that we knew we needed to tie our lives together in every way humanly possible. When Zach asked me to marry him, I didn’t even blink. It was the easiest decision I had ever made. 
Our first dance song is going to be “I Prayed For You” by Matt Stell. And there are no truer words for us. We prayed for each other before we even knew the other exsisted, we prayed for eachother in our greatest moments of terror and struggle, and we continue to pray for health and happiness and love for eachother, forever and always. “

Photographer: @Missmillers_photography
Dress: @Balticborn –
Jacket: @Wondercreationsbyjareth
His Hat: @Stetsonusa

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