Jody + Ryan | WEDDING

Apr 7

“We started talking in November, 2018 after a mutual friend had sent us eachothers Facebook profiles. Ryans buddy said “Have a look, this could be your future wife.” We finally got to meet each other in person in January of 2019 and go out for supper. We ended up having such a great time that we went to two different restaurants to keep chatting! After multiple dates and long awaited anticipation, Ryan finally got the courage to plant one on me and it was fireworks from there!We spent a lot of our time in the Alberta Rocky Mountains, riding our horses and exploring new places. On one exceptional trip to the hills in the summer of 2020, Ryan got down on one knee, and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him – HECK YES! Sounds beautiful right? Well mix in twelve rambunctious friends that also came along for the trip, a little alcohol, and some “green” horses, there is bound to be chaos. Ryan had asked me to take a photo with him, overlooking Scalp Creek and the beautiful mountain valley. Sure thing! But then he asked me to get off my horse for the picture and my spidey senses started tingling – could it be!? He put his arm around me and he was vibrating. Oh yeah – this is it! While smiling for the picture, Ryan turned and just before he proposed, his horse stepped on his rein, threw he head up, and reared, taking out Ryan with his hoof. In the meantime, the other reckless hooligans were yipp-ki-yaying through the river and up the steep banks getting all the horses fired up. Needless to say, I couldn’t say “Yes”, fast enough! But, all and all, it was perfect. We were in one of our favorite spots, surrounded by all our rowdy friends, doing what we love. Our engagement photos were taken at my family farm, which included our family team of Percherons and herd of dogs.

Ryan and I decided to get married at our property, in our “Shouse”, and have a week long campout with our family and friends – cause why not! We were in the middle of the build and decided to convert our shop portion into the reception area. Do not recommend building a place and getting married in the same year but it can be done with some hardwork, late nights, cold bud lights, and very supportive family and friends! Our ceremony overlooked the Sturgeon River Valley and it was a beautiful August day. We charieted our guests from the campground (aka; horse pasture) to the ceremony with a side-by-side and wagon. Myself and my beautiful bridesmaids got to make our grand entrance with the family team of Percherons – the big team of blacks coming through the hay field rolling in at a fast trot was quite the sight to see! We kept our ceremony short and sweet. It was full of love and lots of laughter. And as a sign of love and unity, we branded a custom cowhide frame to hang in our house as a reminder of our devotion to one another. After the ring swappin, we headed back to the Shouse where we celebrated with our closest family and friends. We turned our lean-too out the back of our shop into the Hitchin Post Saloon and it was rockin’ all night long. We are so thankful for everyone who helped make our dream a reality and have our day go off with only one “hitch”.  Big shout out to our supportive Bridesmaids and Groomsmen who helped along the way and made sure our day was magical and a TON OF FUN!  And the biggest thank you of course goes to Ryan. I am forever grateful that I found my best friend, riding partner, and soulmate. 
One of our favorite quotes we love to share is ‘I wish I could turn back the clock. I’d find you sooner, and love you longer.'” – Bride, Jody.

Photographer: SJ Originals / @sj.originals Hair and Makeup: Sparrow Beaut / @sparrowbeaute Florals: Dosie Dotes and Greens / @dosiedotesBride Jewelry: Montana Silversmiths / @montana.silversmiths
Bride Booties: The Turquoise Pistol Boutique / theturquoisepistolboutique Grooms Custom Belt Buckle: Troy Fischer Silverworks Inc. / @troyfischersilverworks Grooms Custom Wedding Ring: Rogue Antler Arts / @rogue_antler_arts Bridesmaid Glitter Booties: The Ranch House / @shop_ranch_house Custom Cowhide Frame: Bovine Bling / @bovinebling

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