Roxy + Jesus | ENGAGEMENT

Apr 14

“I use to think love at first sight was a fairy tale, and only existed in movies. It wasn’t until 2008, where I realized love at first sight did exist, and that I had met the man of my dreams. He just didn’t know it… 
Jesus and I became good friends and saw each other around Mexican rodeos only when the season was around, which was roughly during the months of April-November. And it wasn’t like we saw each other everyday either, but the days I knew I would see him, was the days I had butterflies all day because I knew I would get to see him. Fast forward to 2011, and things started to get a little serious. We had lost communication for about a year because well, he was still in his party stage living that wild life. And let’s just say I lost interest but the hope was still there. In the summer of 2011, there was a Mexican rodeo event being held at my uncles ranch in which Jesus was invited to go ride. He rode, performed his stunts, and left right after he was done. Later that evening the judges announced he had won a buckle, but he wasn’t there anymore to receive it. So I made the first move and texted him saying he had won a buckle and it would be held for him until he picked it up, or he would get it delivered some how. After that message, we didn’t talk again until my birthday in October because he texted me sending birthday wishes. I then did the same for his Birthday in November. Yes I’m a little older than him, so he calls me his (cougar) but only older by 3 weeks let’s be clear! Any who, finally December hit and that’s where our conversations kept going. He texted me on December 24, 2011 wishing me and my family a Merry Christmas and I did the same. After that night our conversations kept going and going and going until March 10, 2012 where he asked me to be his girlfriend over the phone as I was ironing my clothes. I remember that night being one of the happiest moments in my life, doing my little happy dance in my closet because it was late and I didn’t want to wake up my parents with my excitement. We dated for 7 years, and on December 25, 2019 our Christmas was a little extra Merry. He proposed to me in front of my whole family which made it extra special. 
Gods timing is always perfect, 13 years later the young boy who stole my heart, is now engaged to the girl that fell for him at first sight.” – Bride, Roxy.

PHOTOGRAPHER: @averiramosphotography

Outfit details: 

Jesus outfits 
Shirts: Express
Jeans: Wrangler & Cinch
Straw hat: Double R Hat House
Felt hat: NFR Las Vegas 

Outfit #1 
Jeans: Sevens 7 for all mankind
Belt: Baharanchwesternwear
Boots: Lucchese 

Outfit #2 
Yellow dress: Ross
Boots: Lucchese 
Belt: Hand made in Mexico

Outfit #3
Dress: Windsor

Jesus outfits 
Shirts: Express
Jeans: Wrangler & Cinch
Straw hat: Double R Hat House
Felt hat: NFR Las Vegas 

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