Bailey + Matt | WEDDING

Apr 21

Matt and Bailey met at a bar in Fort Worth, TX on Matt’s 25th birthday. As they were hanging with friends, Matt approached Bailey, took her beer right out of her hand, chugged it, and said “Come on, I’ll buy you a new one”! He had liquid courage. 
God definitely brought Matt and Bailey together. They have been inseparable ever since meeting that night. Neither one of them were looking for anything/anyone, but clearly it was just meant to be. Their trust and friendship has molded their relationship; if you know you know. They share a lot in common, but a big one is their love and passion for horses, which is cool because that’s something they get to do together! Matt and Bailey also share a precious two year old. They have been through so much together in the last 5 years. Doing it all together is what has made it all worth it to them. 
Matt proposed to Bailey on August 25, 2021. Bailey had been gone for a week visiting her mom in Missouri and had no idea! Matt dressed their daughter in a outfit that said “Mommy, will you marry Daddy?”, and he held her up for Bailey to read. He then got on one knee and popped the question! 

Photographer: @lizziehillardphotography
Venue: @diamondh3ranch 
Florist: @robinstoutandco
Dress: @normansbridal
Hair: @hairby_rachaelxoxo 
Makeup: @beautyby_baylee 

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