May 4

My fiancé, Kyle Bloom, and I are both from North East Kansas. Kyle has a feed lot and custom chopping business with his family, while I am finishing my last semester studying AgriBusiness at Kansas State University! Kyle and I grew up in very small towns about 30 minutes apart. Growing up in such small towns, surrounded by other smaller towns, you tend to meet a lot of friends from other schools and surrounding areas! Somehow, Kyle and I never met, or even heard of each other, while growing up with mutual friends. We finally ‘officially’ met when I was working at a local bank with his cousin who introduced me to her ‘below average’ cousin (in her words at the time lol). After that, the rest was history! After dating for a while, I came to find out that I had seen him multiple times that same summer before meeting. Little did I know that the cute guy I kept seeing the summer before my sophomore year of college would one day be my fiancé and future husband! I have never been with someone who I am able to share so many of my joys and passions with. He truly is my best friend!

Photographer: McKayla Rose Photography
 Instagram: @cal_girl @mckaylarosephoto @Kyle.bloom 

Her Outfit: 
Jeans – Idyllwind 
Boots – Macie Bean
Top – Shein
Denim Dress – Cavendar’s 
Cowhide Concho Belt – Cavendar’s 
Boots – Ferrini (All jewelry and first belt are family heirlooms) 

His outfit: 
Jeans – Wrangler
 Shirts – Cinch
Buckle – BA Silver @ba_.silver 
Boots – Ariat
Hat – Rodeo King

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