Lauren + Breydon | ENGAGEMENT

May 23

“We started dating our senior year of high school and were long-distance all
throughout college. We both knew that this was something we wanted to pursue
forever. It was spring of my senior year of college and I had come back to see Breydon
for the weekend. A few months before our proposal, he had bought a bred Longhorn
cow at the sale barn, who earned the name, Rosie. I was slightly upset with this
purchase as I had been waiting on a ring for quite some time and his herd consisted of
no Longhorn cattle. The weekend I had come back home to visit him, Rosie had a
beautiful heifer calf. While I was studying one afternoon, he came home and begged me
to come see the new calf with him. So, we went to check the cows like we had many
times before. We found Rosie and her calf and fed them and pet them. All of a sudden,
Breydon pulled the ring out of his pocket and ended up on a knee. I was completely
surprised and said, “YES.” It was just us, the cattle, and a green pasture. I couldn’t have
asked for a better setting! Rosie and her heifer calf are still part of our herd to this day!”

PHOTOGRAPHER: @k.jensenphotography

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