Florida Western Boho Styled Shoot

May 23

We LOVED this romantic western boho styled shoot! Not only because it’s gorgeous, but also because it has so many details that anyone can incorporate into their wedding day. Thus giving us the opportunity to break down SO many details for you!

Come on girl, lets walk through this one together.

(side note: this would be the perfect time for you to hop on over to Spotify and hit play on one of our playlists… we’ll be right here when you get back!)

Okay, let’s go!


As you look through this styled shoot, make sure to pay attention to the decor. Notice that they have created places for conversation or cocktail hour all while using items you can have or already use in your home. These conversational areas don’t have to have a mass amount of seating, because not everyone will sit down! A simple loveseat sized settee and 1 or 2 single chairs will do the trick to pull people into that fun area that you’ve created.

We would say that 90% of you reading this should have a hide in your house… pull that puppy out and use it as decor on your wedding day! If you only have 1, but want to use them at both the ceremony and reception, just transfer between during cocktail hour! Want to add a little extra? Just start at your alter, and line the aisle with cowhides!!!


Another item you can use as wedding decor that you probably already have on the ranch is a skull. We suggest heading to the bone yard or through your fields a few months before the wedding. This gives you plenty of time to hose them out and let the sun bleach any discoloring.


Here, we want you to pay attention to the vessels they have chosen to hold items. Amber bottles, terra-cotta bowls, ceramic vases or crocks are excellent ways to add personal touches to any space. Don’t have any in your house currently? Start saving up now!! Any kind of drink bottle can be used for this. Just make sure to soak and remove all the labels! You’d be surprised with what you can find underneath those pesky brand labels!!


They created a beautiful ceremony space by combining elements we’ve already mentioned above (rugs + vases) with more modern elements- the angles of the arch and floral arrangements. Combing the two can elevate your style to a higher level on your wedding day.

We love the idea of your guests thinking “their wedding is SO them, just more dolled up”- THAT is what we want to go for. Something that still feels like YOU, right? So talk with your florist. Decide what level of florals you want to use around your ceremony arch. They’ll have great tips on how to save on floral expense if you need to, and how to fill in that space with the perfect florals to match your style!


Lastly, we want to talk about their beautiful table decor! This one we’ll break down a little further for you.

If you take away the place settings and glasses, you’ll notice that the entire table-scape is made up of three elements-
1. Table runner
2. Candles
3. Floral arrangements
These elements are not over the top fancy pieces, but combined, they create a beautiful and unique tablescape. More is not always better. Let us say that again: MORE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER! You can still make your table-scape look upscale with the right elements. Don’t have a large floral budget for centerpieces? Just use some hand-laid greenery and fillers (you’re florist can help you figure out the best look) with your center laid cheese-cloth and taper candles to match the color scheme of your wedding.

SIDE NOTE- what color are those candles? Don’t they just make it so much more romantic? And look at those vases! Terra-cotta!

Creating a beautiful wedding that also screams YOU doesn’t have to be hard. We’re here to help and we hope that these tips can get your wheels turning!

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